The Milwaukee County Zoo: All You Need to Know Before a Visit

I always love spending a day at the zoo, and luckily at Brookfield, Wisconsin, we have a fantastic zoo just minutes away! The Milwaukee County Zoo is home to over 2,000 different species of animals, and they take on new residents all the time. This fabulous day adventure also spans over 200 acres, giving their esteemed fuzzy and feathery stars plenty of room to live and you to walk.Milwaukee county zoo

New Additions

Just recently, the Milwaukee County Zoo welcomed several recently born additions to their great line up. They recently birthed a baby giraffe, Harbor Seal pup, and an adorable baby elk calf. The zoo has also accepted many new faces, including prairie dogs, an orangutan, a two-toed sloth, and even a red panda. These additions will continue to help promote conservation and wildlife education to many eager visitors!

The North Shore Bank Safari Train

One of my favorite things to do at the Milwaukee County Zoo is hopping on board the North Shore Bank Safari Train. This fun locomotive runs along a mile and a quarter of track, racking up as many as 6,000 miles running each year. Due to weather restrictions, it unfortunately only runs from spring to autumn, but if you can grab a ride, it’s a great way to see the zoo from a different angle.  It’s actually been in operation since 1958 and is conducted with two different steam engines and two diesel engines used by the operators based on weather conditions. This allows them to allow over 400,000 visitors to ride the trains annually.

Conservation Efforts

The Milwaukee County Zoo has several conservation efforts that they focus on. In addition to launching a research program, the zoo actively provides conservation methods for birds, bats, critically endangered species, and other taxon advisory group species. The mark of a good zoo isn’t how many animals they house, but how they give back to the animal world. The Milwaukee County Zoo certainly does its fair share of assisting animals!

Enrichment Programs

In what is equally fun for us to watch as it is for the animals themselves is the use of enrichment programs in the animal’s pens. By adding stimulating objects, such as swings, puzzles filled with food, scratching posts, and other items that make them think or work, the animals do more than just sit in a cage all day. By using enrichment programs, the zoo and other institutions like it see a reduction in bad or stressed behavior and an increased chance of the animals mating. They can also be used to help educate zoo attendees.

Live Demonstrations

The Milwaukee County Zoo also provides live demonstrations for zoo-goers to see these majestic animals in action. There are live feeding times, a show dedicated to their resident birds of prey, a live giraffe presentation, and more. There are also films, shows, and rides to be enjoyed as well, making for a fun-filled day of laughing and learning.

A day at the zoo is fun for all ages and provides an educational and fun experience for anyone. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend the day that will make your whole group happy, the Milwaukee County Zoo should be on your list of things to do in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

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