Best Nightlife Spots in Milwaukee for the Party Lovers

Yes, it’s true that Milwaukee is an enchanting place to be visited during the day. However, the nightlife in Milwaukee is also amazing with a wide variety of nightlife hotspots to cater to all tastes. Be it listening to an opera or enjoying live music performances, be it dancing with your loved ones or watching some live dance performances, Milwaukee is one place that never fails to impress the visitors and locals with its amazing list of nightlife hotspots.

Here, is a checklist of popular Milwaukee Nightlife Hotspots worth checking out during a tour to this amazing city in the US.

Squirrel Cage Dance Club is the place to be

Squirrel Cage Dance Club

Right on top of our list of most happening nightlife hotspots in Milwaukee is none other than the Squirrel Cage. Tagged as one of the best bars in the area, the Squirrel Cage won’t fail to enchant you with its fantastic combination of dance, music, and food. Located ideally at Riverwest in Milwaukee, this dance club is though small in size but big on expectations when it comes to enjoying a real party with loved ones or strangers alike during the late night hours.

Go Dancing at the Mad Planet

Dancing at the Mad Planet

If dancing is your passion and you have excellent company to join you for the whole night dancing, then do plan a visit to the Mad Planet, a complete Hipster’s Haven in Milwaukee. Best-known for its retro dance parties, this is dancer lover’s dream destination. This venue is open on Friday nights at 9 p.m. sharp and is open whole night for dance lovers.

Angelo’s Piano Lounge is famous for its Opera

Angelo’s Piano Lounge

Nightlife in Milwaukee seems incomplete without a visit to the famous Angelo’s Piano Lounge, best-known for its opera. All the talented people of Milwaukee gather here to present their opera talent. The opera shows are organized here basically on Fridays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. A visit to this lounge is not only about opera singing but also about relishing refreshing cocktails in all varieties.

Enjoy Belly Dancing at Casablanca on Brady

Belly Dancing at Casablanca on Brady

If you are one of those souls who are fond of watching belly dancing if trying a hand at it seems impossible, then do visit Casablanca on Brady located on the East Side in Milwaukee. Believe it or not, this is an amazing nightspot offering free belly dancing shows to all. There are basically two shows that are organized here usually on Fridays at 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. It is surely one of those places where you can relish tempting Middle Eastern food while watching belly dancing of great dancers from around the world.

Go have fun at the 5 O’ Clock Steak House

Steak House

If you aim to enjoy a really entertaining nightlife in the middle of Milwaukee, then there is no better place to visit than the old yet famous 5 O’ Clock Steak House. Opened in the year 1945, this hotspot continues to leave its mark when it comes to enjoying late night dancing, music, party and complete entertainment. This famous hang out place in Milwaukee was named after Coerper’s 5 O’ Clock Club.

Three Lions Pub has its Own Reputation

Three Lions Pub

When talking about nightlife in Milwaukee, one can simply not skip mentioning the famous Three Lions Pub. With neat and clean interiors and exotic drinks at the bar, this pub has earned a great name for itself mainly for its happening nightlife. Be it watching your favorite sports match on big television screens or partying hard with loved ones, Three Lions Pub is an excellent place to enjoy a full night out in Milwaukee with flavourful food on the platter and a whole range of beer to choose from.

Enjoy Irish Music at the County Clare

Irish Music County Clare

Don’t think twice before heading towards the County Clare located on Astor Street, Milwaukee for a memorable live band performance playing all the traditional Irish music. If you are good at music and feel like joining the musicians here, there will be no one stopping you! Yes, you are more than welcome to join in the musicians and can even bring along your own instrument to make most of your evening here at the County Clare.

Not To Forget

Apart from the list of top 7 nightlife hotspots mentioned above, you have lots more attractions to explore in Milwaukee especially when the sun is down! You can check out places like the famous Lakefront Brewery, Hot Water Wherehouse, Lucid Light Lounge, Kochanski’s Concertina Bar, Blackbird Bar, Evolution Gastro Pong and many more exciting places to hang about.

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